Sofia Benbahmed

14 10 2010

Sofia Benbahmed is a very special girl with a lot of focus and drive. It is her goal to recover from her eating disorder and this time, to recover completely. She’s been dealing with the hellacious cycle of ED-better-relapse for years and finally sought treatment. Her insurance company, however, wasn’t on board and quickly pulled her benefits. Sofia was forced to return home and once there, she relapsed.

She launched a compaign to help secure the needed funds for her treatment. Her father is pulling from his retirement fund enough money in order to cover 28 days of treatment. Sofia, however, is going to require at least 6 weeks of intensive residential treatment while her lawyer battles with the insurance company in court. The prospects are very good of Sofia winning the case and the insurance c0mpany being forced to repay and reimburse the Benbahmed family. However, the insurance company can only be forced to do so if Sofia WINS her battle.

All of the ED bloggers have picked up the flags of battle and have been passing around the word of Sofia’s needs. A couple of people have set up a fundraiser over at Give Forward. You can make a tax deductible donation there. Please remember that absolutely every little bit helps . . . . . 5 dollars give by 200 people equals a day of care. However, if each of those 2oo were to say “My 5 dollars won’t help” then that’s not one more drop in the bucket. Please help Sofia fill her bucket up!



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