The Snack Bowl

10 05 2010

So I finally did something today that I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile. I put together a “snack bowl” full of a variety of yummies. Big deal, you may say. . . . . why does that matter? Well, they’re all in individual zip lock baggies, weighed out to the correct portion size with calories, fat, and protein counts on the bag to make meal planning easy. I’ve noticed food is far easier when I don’t have to think about it. 😀 The calories range from 90 to 300, and the snacks from beef jerky, to nuts, to cereal, to pretzels, to trail mix, to popcorn. It’s quite grand, if I must say so myself. Having a readily available bank of pre-measured food makes everything easier in the moment, especially if I’m just not “feeling like it”.

I have my own version of animal therapy here in the form of a older puppy (probably under a year old) that I am pouring my heart and soul into. She brings a ton of joy into my life with her wriggly, happy, bouncy zest for life and learning. I’m currently seeking a home for her; she was a rescue. Any takers?



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11 05 2010

The snacks sound delicious! And I wish I could have a puppy 😦 I want one, but its just not feasible for me right now.

11 05 2010

It’s wonderful. . . . . I just grab the baggie with the calorie count that I need on it, and I’m good to go. Shelly, you oughta give it a try! Spend a few minutes Sunday night making snacks for the rest of the week. . . . . I keep them in a big, bright colored, fun bowl.

11 05 2010

Those snacks sound AWESOME! I also have an ED myself. So I get EVERYTHING your saying. As for animal therapy I have my cat, would a dog but our place is too small.

12 05 2010

I do the exact same thing. Good on you!

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