Series of Unfortunate Events

7 04 2010

1316. Yes, you may laugh at my title. 🙂 Seriously, though, due to a series of unexpected, unfortunate, and rather dramatic events, I am back at home. To be quite honest, I wasn’t ready to be back in the “real world”. My habits and new-found thought patterns were beginning to solidify slightly, and my comfort level steadily increasing. However, be that as it may, I’m now facing the scary world of recovery with just my mentor, KY, and myself.

Yesterday was rough, foodwise. Even though I felt sick as a dog, I managed to choke down the calories I needed for the day, and keep them all.

Today, things have been a good bit more structured. My mentor, KY, has stepped up to the plate, and is implementing the same plan that Nouveau Vie used. I’ve been grocery shopping; I have meal plans finished up until Friday, and I have a sparkling new digital kitchen scale and a set of measuring “things”. (Spoons, cups, whatevers). 😀

It’s been an odd transition. Since I’m back in my old environment, my old thoughts are stronger than ever. When I went shopping for myself, every where I turned was a lower calorie version of this, or a reduced fat version of that, even though I know that I often need to full calorie version in order to meet my caloric needs for the day. However, being presented with the option to cut calories here, and cut them there made me want to do it SOOOOOOOOO bad. If it’s so readily available, why not? I could follow the exact same meal plan, eating the exact same amount, and end up around 1100 or 1200 calories instead of my agreed upon amount.

However, I didn’t. I stuck to what I knew I needed. got some extras to have around, and got some staples, since the house was quite barren upon return.

My dog was incredibly psyched to see me, and I her. She’s a pit bull, and is the SWEETEST little girl (and she is quite small!). I love her to pieces. We’ve been spending the day running errands, and we’re going to have a house-cleaning party soon. Sounds like fun, no????? *grins* I’ve yet to unpack and try to get settled in. . . . . . . . I’m still shell-shocked from yesterday, and the speed with which everything happened.

In any case, I’m still the same fighter that I was then, and I’ll make it just as far.



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7 04 2010

You are far stronger than you know and I am honored to hold your hand and lead you. Don’t let the selfish, cowardly acts of others kill or even affect yours resolve. While you had finally gotten to a place to maximize the opportunity you had been given, know that you are a much stronger person and conduct yourself with much more integrity than those who had been placed in a position of supposedly helping you. Together, we will walk this path and continue on the road to success, in spite of the blatant disregard for truth, justice and honesty of others. We have learned that the values we held dear were not shared by others, and while I know that is painful, also know that you are very loved and supported as you continue to know Freedom is Always Worth Fighting For!

7 04 2010

Thank you for standing by my side, and affirming your confidence in me.

7 04 2010
Andy in Lincoln

You know I still have your back too. If you ever feel comfortable cluing me in on what happened, feel free, but I won’t press it. All in good time. I do, however, feel the need to make one correction on what you said. Yes, it’s you and KY…but you certainly have many other friends pulling for you and thinking about you all the time…not the least of which is the old guy from Nebraska that you missed by less than 24 hours! 😛

Seriously, you are always welcome to text or email or whatever anytime you like. I don’t have to work again for a week. I know I’ll be around tomorrow most of the day…I just got back and have plenty of laundry to do.


7 04 2010

I know that support isn’t scarce, Andy, but KY is the one in the dirt with me. I’ve got far more backing, including a family that loves the tar outta me. 🙂

7 04 2010
Andy in Lincoln

No offense to KY intended, Kea. Just wanted to make sure you still know that I’m around too…:)

8 04 2010

Oh, I know you didn’t mean any offense, Andy, and I’m sorry that came across a bit short. 🙂 I didn’t mean it to, at all.

Thank you for the reminder.

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